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$ 265
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500 prints
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100 prints
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50 prints



YellowKorner is the global leader in the distribution of art photographs in limited edition.
Created in 2006, YellowKorner's ambition is to democratise art photography, making it available to the widest possible audience. Armed with a unique concept and a portfolio of over 250 artists, YellowKorner exhibits the greatest photographers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
In 2010, YellowKorner launched an ambitious Gallery program designed to attract passionate partners, concerned with promoting a top-quality cultural and artistic brand. ​
Today, the YellowKorner network has nearly 75 galleries worldwide, in over 25 countries.
In the United States, YellowKorner targeted the cities of New-York, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami in particular.


1. Watch the presentation video for the YellowKorner concept.

2. Read the FAQ on the key terms and conditions of the partnership.

3. Send us your contact details and contribute to the development of the YellowKorner brand.


What are the key recommendations for opening a YellowKorner gallery?​
The YellowKorner galleries are generally located along major pedestrian streets with high visitation. More specifically, the brand targets n°1 or 1B positions within a high-quality retail environment.
The ideal surface area is between 1000 sqf and 1500 sqf with an adjoining storage room of approximately 200 sqf to 400sqf.
Finally, a large display window spanning at least 10 to 30 ft with good height is strongly recommended (>9 ft)
An architectural guide is given to each partner in order to optimise the layout of the YellowKorner gallery.

What is the profile of YellowKorner partners?
YellowKorner is looking for partners who have:
- Integrity, ethics and an entrepreneurial spirit;
- A strong foothold within the social, cultural or economic fabric of the target city;
- A sound understanding of the mechanisms of managing a business;
- A successful first experience in retail and management;
- A natural interest in culture, photography and art in general

What is the average investment for opening a YellowKorner gallery?
YellowKorner galleries present a sober, unique, luxury design with an estimated average renovation cost of between $80/sqf and $100/sqf (not including structural work, if applicable).
There is not entry fees.
The total average investment for opening a YellowKorner gallery is therefore estimated at between $150'000 and $200'000 (not including rental accommodation tax, if applicable). The stock is entirely financed by the licensor!

What is the amount required as a capital contribution?
YellowKorner recommends that you have a minimum of $75'000 in available funds.

What kind of support can I expect from YellowKorner?
YellowKorner is totally committed to the success of each new project.
In this respect, the brand identifies the implantation opportunities with the partner and assists in developing the business plan. YellowKorner also provides access to its network of service providers (architects, entrepreneurs, project management companies) and financial partners. An initial training period of a minimum of two weeks is scheduled prior to the opening of the gallery.
YellowKorner also commits to providing personalised follow-up throughout the full duration of the partnership :
- Talks and monitoring of the activity, visits on site and organisation of the annual convention.
- Ongoing training and regular updates on best practice.
- Participation in the brand's promotional campaigns.
- Organisation of events dedicated to your gallery (exhibition openings, artist's book signing events, themed evening event for your business clientele, etc.).

What is the average timeframe for opening a YellowKorner gallery?
The average timeframe for opening a YellowKorner gallery is estimated at 6 months, commencing from your initial contact.

What are the advantages of joining the YellowKorner network?
The YellowKorner partnership program enables you to:
- Take advantage of the brand's expertise in talent-scouting the best photographers, guaranteeing a powerful and committed artistic line.
- Use a tried and tested gallery concept, from the architecture to the brand's unique visual identity.
- Make the most of the brand's knowhow, thanks to the assistance of our teams. Benefit from a complete training program and personalised follow-up throughout the full duration of the partnership.
- Develop a local activity by energising your gallery and opening it up to the widest possible audience.
- Benefit from the advertising operations offered by the brand and events, signatures and photographers' talks organised for the general public.
- Cultivate your taste for photography, art and culture on a day-to-day basis.


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